Susan J. Lieber

Certified ADHD Organizer Coach, Associate Certified Coach

My dedication to working with individuals with ADHD formally began in 2004 when my son was diagnosed. Ironically, my fascination with brain function was rooted in my first career as an occupational therapist. During my years as clinician, I worked with a variety of patients to help them develop new skills and/or modify their environment at home or work to enhance their daily functioning. These clinical experiences proved to be an ideal fit for working with individuals who were experiencing organizational and productivity challenges because of their ADHD.

Sensing that there must be more to offer my clients, I enrolled in an ICF accredited coaching program that transformed my working relationship with clients from expert to equal partner. Through the coaching process and collaboration, clients gain an understanding of their unique ADHD and how to minimize its interference in their quest to achieve their goals—in their careers, classes, and beyond. By levering their personal strengths, gaining supportive perspectives, and using individualized tools and strategies, my clients are empowered to lead productive, meaningful and rewarding lives. 



Professional partnerships

My appreciation for the collaboration amongst professionals who share a common interest began in my career as a clinician. Since I left the clinic and embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, I have also come to appreciate the value of a professional network that can serve as a resource for my clients as well as collaboration and referrals.

If you share these interests, I would welcome the chance to have a conversation with you, either on the phone or better yet in person.


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