Coaching with Susan is a partnership.

Unlike sport related coaching in which the coach is the expert, the foundation of ADHD coaching is the belief that the client and coach are equal partners. My clients are creative, resourceful and whole individuals whose best efforts have gotten sidelined by the effects of ADHD. As your coach, I collaborate with you. We work one-on-one to define your goals, then develop strategies and systems, and identify your unique strengths to achieve those goals.


Finding solutions together


How coaching works

A typical session

1. Checking in. How are things going? What has happened since our last call?

2. Identify a topic. What’s most important to you right now? What do you want to come away from the call with? 

3. Explore. Examine the topic together, try different perspectives and consider options.

4. Moving forward. Identify actions that you intend to take and any support you feel would be helpful. 


45-60 minutes a session
3 sessions per month
Most often via phone/skype

*I work with clients all across the country. So wherever you live, distance doesn't matter.  

What clients are saying

I was overwhelmed and stuck. Susan took the time and care to get to know me, and helped me identify what was most important to me. She enabled me to get in touch with my values and needs, and pointed out how I was making choices in alignment with these. During the course of our coaching, I came to realize I was becoming more accountable to myself as well. I now have significantly more clarity, focus and drive, as I realize how much power I have to make my own choices, progress in the projects I choose to undertake, and just generally direct my own life. Thank you, Susan!
— Entrepreneur
I was tired of being constantly overwhelmed by the clutter and disarray in my life. I am so sorry that I didn’t find Susan earlier, it’s truly the best money I have ever spent on myself.
— Musician
The most valuable aspects of Susan’s coaching are her up-to-date knowledge of ADD/ADHD, and her positive approach. With insight and intuition, Susan asked the right questions to prompt me to think about, understand and work with my differences.
— Nurse, mother
Susan’s expert knowledge sparked my curiosity, helping me to realize how much the ADD impacted my self-esteem and mood. She challenged me to change my thinking to decrease negative self-talk. She helped me to focus forward—to plan my actions based on desired outcome.
— Attorney
I decided that ADHD had disrupted my life for too long. Now, I’ve learned that I have a very special brain. I’m not beating myself up and I’m not making excuses for the way I am.
— Salesman