What is coaching?

Coaching is an awareness, action, learning process. The cornerstone of coaching is the development of a trusting partnership/alliance between the client and coach. Together they delve into the topic of the day and/or the outcome of the client’s identified fieldwork with a curious mindset. Curiosity encourages each to set aside judgements and look for clues, perspectives and patterns that could prove supportive of goal attainment. Thus, promoting the development of self-awareness, learning and confidence.

The duration of the coaching relationship is unique to each client and the client’s identified outcomes.  Because coaching is an action learning process, individuals who are motivated to create change and willing to devote the time to the coaching process both on the calls and in-between are my ideal client. Please give me a call or send an email so that we can set aside some time for me to learn more about you, what you are looking for from a coaching relationship and answer your questions.



Finding solutions together


How coaching works

2. Coaching Sessions

Three times a month, at a regularly scheduled time, we will devote 45 minutes to the topic of greatest importance to you. Early on, there is some adjustment to developing familiarity with the structure of the calls and your role as an engaged client.

During the call, we clarify the topic and what makes it important to you, explore the current situation and potential next steps. You will decide your next steps that you are willing to taking into the field so to speak. During the next call, we will spend some time looking at your “fieldwork” and what occurred. We approach this phase of the call with a curious mindset to put aside judgement, look for the learning and identify the elements that are of value to you moving forward.

1. Discovery Session

When possible, this occurs in person; otherwise via phone/ Skype. We explore your strengths, challenges, resources, and identify your goals for coaching. This longer session is the first step in building a trusting and confidential partnership that supports your goals. 

What clients are saying

I was overwhelmed and stuck. Susan took the time and care to get to know me, and helped me identify what was most important to me. She enabled me to get in touch with my values and needs, and pointed out how I was making choices in alignment with these. During the course of our coaching, I came to realize I was becoming more accountable to myself as well. I now have significantly more clarity, focus and drive, as I realize how much power I have to make my own choices, progress in the projects I choose to undertake, and just generally direct my own life. Thank you, Susan!
— Entrepreneur
I was tired of being constantly overwhelmed by the clutter and disarray in my life. I am so sorry that I didn’t find Susan earlier, it’s truly the best money I have ever spent on myself.
— Musician
The most valuable aspects of Susan’s coaching are her up-to-date knowledge of ADD/ADHD, and her positive approach. With insight and intuition, Susan asked the right questions to prompt me to think about, understand and work with my differences.
— Nurse, mother
Susan’s expert knowledge sparked my curiosity, helping me to realize how much the ADD impacted my self-esteem and mood. She challenged me to change my thinking to decrease negative self-talk. She helped me to focus forward—to plan my actions based on desired outcome.
— Attorney
I decided that ADHD had disrupted my life for too long. Now, I’ve learned that I have a very special brain. I’m not beating myself up and I’m not making excuses for the way I am.
— Salesman