ADHD & Productivity Coaching
with Susan Lieber

Imagine replacing feelings of frustration with understanding and confidence. 
Imagine learning strategies to manage the impact of ADD/ADHD on your life, feeling less shame or disappointment and recognizing your accomplishments. What might it be like to develop personalized strategies to manage your daily demands with encouragement and support? 


What is ADD/ADHD?

Brain-based Condition

You might think that something is wrong with you, but the truth is your brain processes the world differently. ADHD is a neurobiological condition with a strong genetic link. It is not a matter of choice, nor is it voluntary.

Adults with ADHD

You may have thought this condition was something you would outgrow. In fact, a surprising number of individuals continue to experience ADHD symptoms into adulthood. 

Going Undetected

ADHD is both under and over-diagnosed. You may be one of the many people out there who have struggled their whole life, not knowing they have ADHD and not getting the help they need.

People I work with

My clients range from professionals to parents, entrepreneurs to college students, and everyone in-between. They are hard-working individuals who are tired of the status quo, want to use their energy and creativity in new and productive ways and are motivated to make a change in their lives. 


What is coaching?

Coaching is an awareness, action, learning process. The cornerstone of coaching is the development of a trusting partnership/alliance between the client and coach. Together they delve into the topic of the day and/or the outcome of the client’s identified fieldwork with a curious mindset. Curiosity encourages each to set aside judgements and look for clues, perspectives and patterns that could prove supportive of goal attainment. Thus, promoting the development of self-awareness, learning and confidence.

The duration of the coaching relationship is unique to each client and the client’s identified outcomes.  Because coaching is an action learning process, individuals who are motivated to create change and willing to devote the time to the coaching process both on the calls and in-between are my ideal client. Please give me a call or send an email so that we can set aside some time for me to learn more about you, what you are looking for from a coaching relationship and answer your questions.


I was tired of being constantly overwhelmed by the clutter and disarray in my life. I am so sorry that I didn’t find Susan earlier, it’s truly the best money I have ever spent on myself.
— Musician

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Susan Lieber is a
Certified ADHD Organizer Coach.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, she works with clients throughout the U.S. She genuinely understands the challenges of living with ADHD. She’s dedicated to helping you get from where you are to where you want to be.